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Monday, 01 January 2018 14:46

What is and how an HDR is realized

Before seeing how you can map an image with the HDR mode, let's take a small step back and explain what we mean by the acronym HDR.

HDR is precisely the acronym of the word High Dynamic Range which means high dynamic range or better translated into extension of the dynamic range. This technique has been introduced to ensure that photographic or computerized images have details both in high-light areas and in areas of shadows similar to what the human eye can do. For example, if we take a landscape, the human eye is able to adapt easily and quickly to the differences between the shaded areas and the illuminated areas, making it possible to capture all the details. For a camera it is not possible to do this with a single click, so we have to decide whether to privilege the part or the illuminated part. The HDR comes to meet us to solve these problems, as they tell us in fact the words from which the acronym derives, this technique allows us to expand the dynamic range of an image.
But how is it possible to do this with a camera? Assuming that today there are compact cameras on the market and that have not incorporated the HDR function, in order to make an extended range image we need to:

1) A SLR camera

2) A tripod

3) A software for creating HDR images

Once identified our subject that will have to be static, for this the HDR is particularly suitable for paessagi, we place our SLR on the tripod. We compose the photograph, focus on the subject, set the aperture of the desired diaphragm combined with the shutter speed for the correct exposure and shoot the basic photograph. Now working on the time we make at least two shots, one overexposed by at least one stop and the other under-exposed to the same extent. It is possible to take several shots at different exposures, the important thing is to have always the pair of images above and soot exposed with respect to the image with the correct exposure. From this it follows that the number of images must always be odd in a minimum number of 3.

 It is fonadamenale to act on the times and not on the aperture of the diaphragm as this also affects the profindity of the field and the focus by changing the composition in fact. Once we have our shots we feed them to the program that will process them and returns the image in HDR format.

Once you have made our shots it's time to move on to post production. To make an HDR image, it is necessary to have software that feeds our images according to its image in High Dynamic Range.

Some of the most famous software are:

Artizen HDR
DynamicPhoto HDR
Essential HDR
HDR Darkroom
HDR Photo Studio
Luminance HDR
Photomatix Pro
Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro

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